Value in Voiceover

It goes without saying that voice talents want your business; ourselves at Only Pro Voices included. However, if you have an upcoming project, not only do you need to find the right voice, you need to find the right voice talent… the right talent who will give you the quality of work you need and accommodate your budget at the same time. Frankly, sometimes this can’t be done.

After giving potential clients a quote we’ve heard more than once, “I’ve paid other talents less than half that. And besides, it will only take about a minute to do it.” Needless to say, we didn’t work with them. Not because they wouldn’t pay what was quoted them, but they either can’t or won’t understand the value an experienced voice talent brings to the table.

We’ll put it to you this way; how well do you think it would go over if you went to a five-star restaurant and said you want the $50 steak, but you’ll only pay $12 because that’s how much they charge at Denny’s? Is that living in the real world? Is that getting what you pay for?

This isn’t a plea to pay voice talents more. The point is that veteran voice talents charge what they charge because of the value and experience they bring to the project. When you hire a veteran voice talent, you’re not just paying for the words that come out of their mouths for your particular project. You’re paying for the value that comes with that.

There are years of experience behind that  perfect read. The thousands of dollars on recording gear so they can give you a clean sound file. And the countless dollars and hours spent on training with top voice coaches business leaders, and tireless marketing so you can find them in the first place.